European release of gusty DS game Tornado confirmed

Take it for a spin this autumn

European release of gusty DS game Tornado confirmed
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Last month we heard news of a new game from the maker of Zoo Keeper called Tornado – a game which equips you with a Tornado Machine and has you sucking up bits of Earth like God with a brand new Dyson. However, it was only confirmed for release in the US.

Today though, the game's publisher Ignition Entertainment has announced the game will be coming to Europe, too. Tornado will be released here some time this autumn.

The game's story goes that a devious collector of planets known as 'The Prince' has decided to suck up everything on Earth using his ultimate weapon – the Black Hole Device – to then transport them back to his home planet.

You play as Toki and his 'Cosmic Cleaners', equipped with Tornado Machines which they usually use to deal with litter. Now though, they turn their hands to sucking up all the stolen bits of Earth in order to return them.

There's not much news on how the game will play as yet, although we know it utilises both stylus- and microphone-activated controls.

More news should blow our way nearer to the game's release date. Click 'Track It!' to be kept in the twist – sorry, loop.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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