Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 PSP delayed

And it's flanked by Driver 76 and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 PSP delayed

The latest release schedule from Ubisoft confirms GRAW2 will not make its expected March 30th release, a date many hoped would be honoured given the title has recently made it on to Xbox 360 (although other versions, namely PC and PlayStation 3, have also recently been affected so it's not entirely a surprise).

The PSP iteration now looks set to be deployed in June.

A similar fate has befallen Driver 76, which is now also set for release in the sixth month of the year. Whether or not it makes the finish line in time is open to discussion but if we were Ubisoft, we'd give developer Sumo as much time as it requires – the last thing the Driver franchise needs is another poor game.

Bad news inevitably comes in threes, and the third confirmed delay relates to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas. The only positive here is that the title doesn't seem as affected as its two stablemates, moving from its March 30th date to a 'spring' release – hardly a major deferral. However, this could simply be the first of more delays, of course.

Indeed, there is no guarantee all three titles will make their newly appointed deadline – game releases, as we know, are as stable as a tectonic plate – but the focus should remain on ensuring the quality is up to scratch. These are high profile releases, after all, and the implications of substandard software would potentially affect more than just Ubisoft's accounts.

In that context, waiting a few more months shouldn't prove too painful – not when there should be other titles to keep us entertained.

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Joao Diniz Sanches
Joao Diniz Sanches
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