Toki Tori developer teases new iPhone game

Hope this next game is cheep

Toki Tori developer teases new iPhone game
| Toki Tori

Two Tribes, developer of the notoriously addictive platform puzzler Toki Tori, has a brand new iPhone game in development.

The Netherlands based developer has been riding the good ship Toki Tori since 2001, when it was released for Game Boy Colour, quickly becoming a cult classic. It’s since hit mobile devices, WiiWare, PC and, of course, iPhone.

The nature of the developer’s new game is being kept secret for now, but the press release hints at an equally addictive puzzler, with plenty of object swapping antics.

It’ll be hitting iPhone this summer. We’ll let you know exactly what the game entails as soon as we find out more.

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