Two Tribes launches online Toki Tori merchandise store

USB sticks, T-shirts, lots of yellow

Two Tribes launches online Toki Tori merchandise store
| Toki Tori

Given his stout frame and stubby little legs, Toki Tori has waddled an impressive distance over the past 11 years.

Starting out in a puzzler on the Game Boy Color, the yellow chicken found a new home on iOS - and subsequently Android - when developer Two Tribes revived the property.

The game has proved so successful that its egg-shaped protagonist has finally been immortalised in that most hallowed of forms: a novelty USB stick.

That's right: you can now purchase your own 4GB Toki Tori flash drive, courtesy of Two Tribes's new online store.

The Three Ts

Plus, if you've always wanted your chest to resemble a cartoon farm animal, you can grab a Toki Tori T-shirt while you're there.

And before you ask, lovers of cute fluffy things, the merch department is looking into plushie production at this very moment. Thank heavens.

Toki Tori is currently available on iPhone for £1.99 / $2.99 [download], on iPad for £2.99 / $4.99 [download], and on Android for £1.27 [download].