Toki Tori Contest deadline extended

Help push the chicken a little bit further

Toki Tori Contest deadline extended
| Toki Tori

You might recall that Chillingo was offering 200 dollars/Euros worth of iTunes cash to anyone who helped promote its surreal chicken-chaser puzzle platform game.

If you didn't make the final cut, you 'll be glad to hear the deadline for the contest has now been extended to July 6th, allowing you a little extra time to do strange, chicken-based things for the good of the iPhone community.

"Dress up as him, pimp your MySpace page, make a YouTube movie featuring Toki Tori, organize Toki Tori parties, anything is possible," goes the official blurb. "The idea is to get creative and to get as much attention as possible."

Toki Tori figurines are also on offer as runner-up prizes, so go and engage in a brutal fist fight with someone dressed as a chicken handing out leaflets, teach a coup of chickens to fly so they can escape from Tweedy's pie factory, or scientifically prove - once and for all - which came first.

Here's a sample of current entries to get your yoke flowing, then head on over to to submit your entry.

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