Help promote Toki Tori and win free stuff

Chillingo wants your brain

Help promote Toki Tori and win free stuff
| Toki Tori

The hit WiiWare game Toki Tori is gearing up for its iPhone debut on May 22nd - a year to the day after its Wii launch. In an effort to get the word out about the unusual, chicken-based platform puzzler, Chillingo and Two Tribes are offering a nest full of goodies to the most original Toki Tori pimping.

"Dress up as him, pimp your MySpace page, make a YouTube movie featuring Toki Tori, organize Toki Tori parties, anything is possible," goes the official blurb. "The idea is to get creative and to get as much attention as possible."

The first prize is 200 dollars/euros worth of iTunes gift certificates or Wii Points, to have a chicken adopted in your name, and a full colour Toki Tori figurine. Nine runners up will also receive Toki Tori figurines, so have a look at some of the ideas in the video below, then head on over to the official site and sign up.

Note: Any Lemmiwinks-based ideas will probably be disqualified (not definitely, but probably).