Cute RPG Tiny Lights strikes a spark on iPhone

Shiny, shiny

Cute RPG Tiny Lights strikes a spark on iPhone
| Tiny Lights

Taking inspiration from holistic Japanese RPGs, and perhaps even a touch of Ico and The Legend of Zelda in terms of theme and art, Tiny Lights certainly looks like it's a iPhone game worth checking out.

Developed by various UK studios including Fluid Pixel and Darling Dash, it's set in a world that has been taken over by darkness - hence the name.

Band of brothers

You play as a group of tiny lights; characters distinguished by their colour and abilities - Social, Mystic, Brave, Link and Alpha.

Exploring the dark forest, and swapping between them as you see fit, you have to find the pillars of power that have been stolen by the light eaters. Along the way, you get to collect coins, sparks and scrolls to buy items and uncover the plot, as well as making friends with the various inhabitants of the woods.

Of course, there are plenty of puzzles based on the attributes of the tiny lights, and combat with the light eaters too.

For sure, it's hardly Final Fantasy in terms of depth, but has a neat style: something you can experience for free playing the web version of the game.

Alternatively, Tiny Lights is available now for iPhone and iPod touch priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p