Thrillville promises PSP gamers a wild ride

Warning: rollercoasting whilst playing may result in motion sickness

Thrillville promises PSP gamers a wild ride
| Thrillville

We're cowards at Pocket Gamer, and rollercoasters give us the willies. Of course, that's the point – but our active imaginations make us particularly jittery fairground attendees.

But even we can think of something scarier than careening around the Twin Loops of Death in a little metal box on wheels, and that's actually owning the ride. Every rattle, plunge or loose looking tilt on the bends must surely be magnified if it's your insurance policy that's on the line?

Thrillville is clearly aimed at us. Slated to arrive on PSP – as well as various TV-based consoles (as pictured) – in time for Christmas, here's a game that enables you to run a park without taking anyone's limb, let alone life, in hand. You can create over 100 different interactive attractions, including over 75 rides and rollercoasters, as well as bumper cars, mini-golf courses and trampolines, most of which act as playable mini-games.

Unique PSP features include adhoc wi-fi play, and the ability to share tracks and rollercoaster designs with other gamers.

And while many readers will realise Thrillville is in the tradition of oldies like Theme Park and Rollercoaster Tycoon (developer Frontier created the last of the latter), this game does promise something new – you can experience everything you've created at ground level as a player character, and apparently even chat up other guests!

Research reveals shared fear makes rollercoaster rides a winner on dates, so why not? (Erm, because they're little computer people? – Ed).

It all sounds quite complicated, but Thrillville's creator claims it will be down to you how involved you get – you can train and manage staff and track down every complaint made by your guests, or simply waste your time in the on-site arcade shoot-'em-ups.

So don't be coconut shy – click 'Track It!' above to join us on the ride.