Threes! is an upcoming infinite tile-merging puzzler from the Puzzlejuice dev

The magic number

Threes! is an upcoming infinite tile-merging puzzler from the Puzzlejuice dev
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I'm not quite sure what's going on in upcoming infinite puzzle game Threes!, but I can't take my eyes off it.

Threes! is the next game from Asher Vollmer. You may remember him from such games as the Bronze Award-winning Puzzlejuice.

In Vollmer's forthcoming game, you will have to slide numbered tiles around in a compact grid to create numbers divisible by three. Hence, the name.

I'm blue

There'll be blue, red, and white tiles in Threes!. We're not entirely sure what effect the blue and red ones will have, but we do know you can stack them up with the white ones.

We also know that Threes! can go on forever and ever if you're sufficiently skilled in the ol' maths department. Oh, and have a bit of luck.

In the gameplay trailer for Threes! below, you'll see that you can merge some of the tiles. By doing so, your score increases. When you can't merge any more tiles, your game will come to an end and your score will be recorded.

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Since that video was produced, though, Threes! has been, well, prettified. Greg Wohlwend should take the credit for that. Yep, he's the guy responsible for Ridiculous Fishing's memorable art style.

In terms of further information about Threes!, by the way, Vollmer has given us the following cryptic description:

"It's about sliding and merging and growing. It was designed to always provide you with a worthy challenge that you can take on at your own pace. Threes! grows with you and you'll grow with Threes!."

Intrigued? We think you should be. Watch out for Threes! on mobile in the near future.