[Update] Threes! pulled from Google Play after using '2048' as a search term

Can you guess which came first? (Updated: It's back up!)

[Update] Threes! pulled from Google Play after using '2048' as a search term
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Updated on May 6th at 12:04: Good news, everyone. It seems that Google has reversed its decision to pull Threes! from its Play store.

You can grab it right here, see.

It must have been a mistake that Google hastened to fix once it realised what it had done. Hopefully some wrists were smacked, but all's well that ends well.

Original story follows...

Google Play has removed popular sliding tile puzzler Threes! from the store for using 2048 as a search term.

Developer Asher Vollmer revealed the situation earlier on Twitter.

Threes! is a premium app that actually came before 2048, which is free, though both have been very successful.

Given the horde of Threes! and 2048 clones on the Google Play Store, and of several other popular games, this move seems like a strange one on Google's part.

Especially, many would say, because 2048 itself owes much of its fame to Threes!, or more specifically, a clone of Threes! called 1024! which the 2048 developer wrote about on his blog.

So for now, you can't buy Threes! from the Google Play Store.

If you're looking for it on Android, you can grab it on the Amazon Appstore until Google decides to change its mind.