Freeverse's action platformer Thor hammers onto iPhone

The whole world is a nail

Freeverse's action platformer Thor hammers onto iPhone
| Thor

The Norse god of thunder has plenty to shout about over the coming months.

As well as the big budget Marvel live-action movie planned for 2011 - not to mention all the comics and merch that will go with it, there's also a CGI animated comedy feature from Icelandic studio CAOZ.

Called Thor: The Edda Chronicles, it's due in late 2010, so we're getting an early glimpse of the action courtesy of Icelandic outfit On The Rocks, which has just released its tie-in iPhone game via US publisher Freeverse.

The side-scrolling platformer has an interesting take on the action, as you don't directly control Thor.

Instead, as he automatically runs through 13 levels spread over four elemental worlds (ice, air, earth etc), you have to collect the lightning bolts and energy orbs that are scattered about each level with a swipe of your finger. These power up your legendary hammer Mjolnir so you can bash things.

Then when Thor comes up against obstacles such as fallen logs and fiery pits, you have to tap them at just the right time to get him to jump successfully. You can also use power ups such as slowing down time to make your passage easier.

There are also bosses to obliterate, hidden ravens to find and combo bonuses. Achievements and high scores are all tracked for added replayability.

Thor is available now, at a launch price 99c, €0.79 or 59p. Hit the App Store button to get your hammer working.