Indie platformer They Need To Be Fed coming to PSP

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Indie platformer They Need To Be Fed coming to PSP
| They Need To Be Fed

If platform games are your staple diet, this one might satisfy your gaming taste buds.

They Need To Be Fed is a PC game by indie developer Jesse Venbrux which recently won the YoYo Games Design a Handheld Game competition.

Now Jesse is hoping to bring the twisted platformer to PSP sometime this summer.

The game involves traversing a strange world full of blocks, each with their own centre of gravity.

The goal is to reach the monster at the end of each level and feed yourself to it.

Jesse explains on his blog: "Together with YoYoGames we’re going to try and get this actually running on PSP.

"If all goes well They Need To Be Fed comes out on PSN as early as this summer."

The PC version is available to play over at YoYo Games. The video below shows a playthrough of worlds one to four.

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