The Settlers sets up camp on mobile

Build a city without any heavy lifting

The Settlers sets up camp on mobile
| The Settlers

Nest building is one of the defining characteristics of the human race. Sometimes they work out quite nicely – take Florence in Italy, for example. Other times they aren't quite such a success of aesthetically pleasing and practical design – like Walsall, say (apologies to any of our readers in that area of the Midlands).

The Settlers, a title that enables you to make town planning decisions, is now finally coming to mobiles, meaning you can fashion your very own utopia without any bothersome planning permission, paperwork or irate council officials breathing down your neck.

The game makes it possible to build a swarming medieval city in three different environments (snow, tropical and forest), complete with its own economy that will thrive or fail based on how well you manage the available resources.

Of course, you will also have to build defences in case any of your new neighbours decide to ruin your settlement, giving the game a little slice of action in amongst all of the meticulous organizing.

There are also three different mini-games promised that can help you to speed up the growth of your creation.

Visually, it's all looking vibrant and detailed and seeing how well suited mobiles are to strategy games, we're excited about getting our hands on this one. (Can you imagine? Town Pocket Gamer – it'd be like a bigger, better version of Milton Keynes.)

The Settlers is available now from Gameloft's site. Click 'Track It!' to catch our review.