[Update] Fight robots and aliens in latest The Sandbox update for iOS

It's out now (Now available on Android)

[Update] Fight robots and aliens in latest The Sandbox update for iOS
| The Sandbox
Updated on November 27th, at 15:45 - All you 'droid gamers out there will be pleased to read that the Robopocalypse campaign for The Sandbox is now available on Android, too.

You can grab The Sandbox for free over on Google Play [download] if you haven't already.

Original story follows...

Pixowl has just updated its delightful pixel-art god sim The Sandbox with some new content.

So, there are robots from the future, space aliens, and big pixellated fireworks waiting for you on the App Store right now.

This latest The Sandbox update is all about the "Robopocalypse", and features a new ten-level campaign for you to fight your way through.

Imagine The Terminator but with more pixels, jokes, and less Arnold Schwarzenegger nudity, and you're on the right track.

Luckily, you'll have some magic powders at your disposal to change the behaviour of the rampaging robots.

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Ah, yes, the aliens. They fly around in spaceships and blow everything up. Which, as you can imagine, is pretty annoying.

If you're more interested in aesthetic concerns, then you can also light up your blocky creations with some pretty coloured fireworks.

The Robopocalypse update to The Sandbox is live on the App Store right now. And it won't cost you a think to bolt it onto your game.