How to find every secret in The Sailor's Dream on iPhone and iPad - map and walkthrough

Unearth the mysteries of the Seven Song Cottage and Transmission Horologe

How to find every secret in The Sailor's Dream on iPhone and iPad - map and walkthrough
| The Sailor's Dream

Simogo's latest game is a bit of an oddball. You don't solve puzzles, dodge enemies, or collect coins. All you do is wander about, trying to piece together the fractured scraps of someone's memory.

Making a walkthrough for such a game is a slightly weird proposition. But, it can be hard to navigate through the game so we've made some maps. And there are some secrets hidden in there, so we've put in some pointers.

Obviously, the game is so much more satisfying if you play it by yourself so consider this guide a last resort if you really need help exploring The Sailor's Dream.

How to play

All you have to do to complete the game is to sail to four locations on the sea - the Secret Lighthouse, Faraway Ruins, Celestial Sanctuary, and Windswept Ship - and find your way to the exit.

That means dragging the screen about to move from room to room until you find the one that will take you back to the surface. This will add a star to the location's name on the ocean map.

Along the way you should look for objects that provide more story. These are optional, but help you understand what happened in the tale.

Secret Lighthouse Secret Lighthouse

You can explore these places in any order, but for us the first area to investigate is the secret lighthouse. Click here for a map to see how all the rooms lock together, and then go read the stories associated with these items.

Secret Lighthouse

Empty Picture Frame in the Pale Cube Hallway - Raindrops on the Window by the Southward Window

Secret Lighthouse

Wooden Box in the Lighthouse Keeper's Quarters - Rusty Key in the Lighthouse Tower

Before you leave through the lighthouse tower, make sure you read the words in the Lighthouse Keeper's Study to get a little more of the story.

Faraway Ruins Faraway Ruins

Next up, we're going to explore these ruins. Click here for a map so you know how the screens are connected and then find the following items and the exit.

Faraway Ruins

Dry Leaves in the Courtyard - Wall Lantern on the Broken Wall

Faraway Ruins

Old Bone on the Ascending Steps

Celestial Sanctuary Celestial Sanctuary

There are only two memories to uncover in this observatory. Here's a map to find your way around, and here are the objects you'll want to track down.

Celestial Sanctuary

Star Chart in the Star Loft - Broken Telescope in the Stargazer's Nave

Windswept Ship Windswept Ship

We'll find a lot more about the old man in this broken down boat. Click here for our map of the ship, which might help you find the objects listed below.

Windswept Ship

Driftwood on the Weather Deck - Someone's Pipe in the Smokey Hold

Windswept Ship

Glass Jar in the Explorer's Quarters


After you exit all of these areas (you'll see a star above the location's name and coordinates on the main screen when you've finished exploring each environment) you'll unlock a special area.

Sail to this place to finish the game. It's a nice ending, but not super satisfying. Luckily, there's more to it. Read on to find out how to unearth those last secrets and find the final area.

Transmission Horologe Transmission Horologie

The secret to this area is that the old man will send a transmission out on the hour, every hour, throughout the day. The clock face corresponds to your iPhone or iPad's clock, so you can either wait or set the time in the Settings app.

Just open the app, choose General, tap 'Date & Time', and uncheck 'Set Automatically'. You can now set a time, so choose one minute before an hour, go back into the Transmission Horologe in The Sailor's Dream and wait.


When you've heard the full message, one of the lights on the perimeter of the clock will stay on. Do this process 12 times - it doesn't matter if you choose the AM or PM version of each hour - and you'll hear everything the old man has to say.

Seven Song Cottage Seven Song Cottage

When you're drifting around on the sea, you'll probably notice a bottle that has that day's date hovering over it. Tap it, and you'll get a nice song (with lyrics that speak to the game's narrative).

You'll also fill one of the gramophones at the Seven Song Cottage. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you need to listen to one song on each day of the week to complete this area.

Seven Song

You can wait and come back once a day. Or you can fiddle with your clock using the process shown in the section about the Transmission Horologe above. Whatever the case, when you've heard Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's songs, you'll complete this area.


If you've got stars on all four main areas, and you've heard all 12 messages in the Transmission Horologe and added all seven songs to the Seven Song Cottage, one final area will be added to your ocean map.

Sail there to get the final ending to the game.