Fireproof Games announces update and sequel to Apple's iPad GOTY The Room

First game also coming to Android

Fireproof Games announces update and sequel to Apple's iPad GOTY The Room
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Fireproof Games has just announced plans to release both a new chapter and a full-fledged sequel to its hit point-and-click puzzler The Room.

Thanks to the success of The Room - which walked away with a Pocket Gamer Gold Award and Apple's iPad Game of the Year accolade - its creator has been able to focus on developing new content set within the game's creepy universe.

Now, the time has come to open the door to the game's first update and the incoming sequel, both of which will surface on iOS this year.

Before tackling the sequel, Fireproof Games intends to release an expansion pack for The Room.

This new chapter will be free to download, and will serve as a prologue to the next game. Fans can expect this update to appear on the App Store in early summer.

What's behind door number 2?

As for The Room's sequel, well, players will be able to unlock its secrets this autumn. According to its dev, the second instalment in The Room series will transport players "to an altogether more spectacular place".

We adored The Room's clever puzzles, eerie atmosphere, and beautiful visuals, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for this unique franchise.

Oh, and if you're an Android user who's been locked out of the fun until now, fear not: The Room will arrive on Google Play before the end of the summer.

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