How to solve The Room 2 - Chapter 1 walkthrough and puzzle guide

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How to solve The Room 2 - Chapter 1 walkthrough and puzzle guide
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Found yourself stuck in Fireproof's sumptuous box fiddler The Room 2? Good job you found this guide, then. Here, we will walk you through every step you need to take if you want to finish the chapter at hand.

The first chapter is essentially a tutorial. You'll learn about manipulating the camera and toying with objects - and, new for the sequel, navigating around a room to mess with different areas.
Follow our movements, and you'll solve every puzzle and make your way to the next chapter. But remember to only use this guide as a last resort - it's much more satisfying to figure things out by yourself.

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The Room 2 After following the tutorial, you'll be faced with this puzzle box. The idea is to spin the central spindle around so that you can shift the outer shapes into the necessary spots.

Once everything is lined up, open the box to retrieve the lens. Follow the next few steps of the tutorial to fix your eyepiece and get the small hexagon.

The Room 2

Zoom out and spin the camera around the octagonal table with the puzzle box you just opened. You'll notice another hexagon-shaped piece of metal on one corner of the table.

Grab it, zoom out, and go look at the other, square table.

The Room 2

Put the metal shapes into the indented hexagons on this table. Spin the two metal discs around so that a large hole appears in the centre. Tap on the brass sphere to take it.

The Room 2

Put the brass sphere into the centre of the giant compass on this table. Zoom out and use the eyepiece to reveal a secret message on the note. It reads, "SESWN".

The Room 2

Grab a hold of the centre of the compass and spin it so the arrow goes past the South, then East, then South, then West, and finally North.

You'll see the letters S, E, S, W, N appear on the tiles beneath the brass eye.

The Room 2

Take the medallion and then tap on it to see it up close. Grab the two pieces with arrows on them with two fingers and pull them apart until the medallion shifts into a tile.

The Room 2

Return to the octagonal table. Look at the box in the middle of the table and put your tile in the indented shape in the centre. It will open, revealing a lamp.

The Room 2

Double-tap on the lamp to grab hold of it. Wear the eyepiece to see into the darkness. Now, wiggle the lamp around to find a mysterious symbol in the background.

Do this twice more and you'll be taken to a scary blind statue holding a tiny box. Spin the top section around so that the symbol on the box lines up.

The Room 2

The box will open and you'll see some red sticks. Spin the camera and you'll see a red shape on the backdrop. Line up the sticks with the shape to finish the chapter.