Classic PC titles Little Big Adventure and The Last Express heading to iOS

Android version of Little Big Adventure also confirmed

Classic PC titles Little Big Adventure and The Last Express heading to iOS
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Retro expert DotEmu (R-Type, Another World) has confirmed that Little Big Adventure (a.k.a. Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure) and The Last Express - two of the most interesting PC games from the '90s - will be shooting across to iOS later this year.

Android users will be getting just Little Big Adventure, but that's no bad thing - the game was one of this writer's favourite titles back in the day.

It's devilishly hard to explain exactly why it was so appealing to those who haven't played it, however.

Effectively an isometric adventure game with notoriously tough controls, Little Big Adventure sees you take control of the blue-robed Twinsen, stuck under the thumb of a vicious dictator in a low-polygon world.

Wielding a 'magic' ball (it's just a ball, really), you set off on a journey during which you take part in a resistance made up of foxes in fatigues, explore ancient temples with incredibly annoying traps, and face your destiny as the Chosen One.

It's probably aged badly, but I will likely end up refusing to accept this, and will, therefore, continue to tell everyone how great it is when I play it in the 'fall'.

Change of track

The Last Express, meanwhile, should have point-and-touch fans salivating. Created by Jordan Mechner (Prince of Persia), The Last Express takes you back to 1914 and plonks you on board the final trip of the Orient Express before the outbreak of war.

Playing as Robert Cath, you hope to evade the law and escape to the east. Unfortunately, events conspire against you, and you're soon dragged into a dark world of corruption, criminals, and murder.

Rather than adhere to any kind of set plot, The Last Express features a unique real-time system and non-linear story that revolves around you being in certain places on the train at certain times.

Unsurprisingly, few games have attempted this since, given that the script for the finished game is reported to be 800 pages long.

Both games are scheduled to drop later in the year. We'll keep you posted when we get more firm release dates for the pair of them.