The Last Campfire: A few tips for you in this mysterious puzzle game

The Last Campfire: A few tips for you in this mysterious puzzle game

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The Last Campfire is an interesting and mysterious puzzle-based game that's available on mobile, console, and PC. In the beginning, you see a group of adorable, cloth-like beings who will remind some gamers of the iconic Traveller from Journey

You take on the role of Ember, who appears to be lost and separated from a group that is trying to explore the ancient underground lands. You try to uncover the world's history while also trying to save others that have become trapped there.

After going through an initial prologue section, you'll meet with a ghost who is trying to guide those who are lost. The friendly apparition lights up a cozy campfire. Here the adventure truly begins and now you know why it's called the Last "Campfire". But, if you are confused about a couple of things early on, here are a few basic The Last Campfire tips for you. 

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Keep Your Eyes Peeled

The Last Campfire tips

With The Last Campfire being a puzzle-based game, you know there will be some exploration opportunities. And when you are running around trying to piece things together, keep an eye out for things such as items and other possible collectibles on your journey.

Sometimes, you'll never know what you'll discover along the way. The game can be pretty linear, but even in more straightforward games, you can find things. In short, keep your eyes peeled, but also don't try and overthink things either.

Feel Free to Change Controls

Sometimes, when you play a game, you might enjoy it, but it's possible that you may not like the control scheme that you're using. When starting out in The Last Campfire, you'll start out with a default option, usually letting you touch certain areas on the screen where Ember can run to.

This classic mobile style approach is always pretty fun, but if you're uncomfortable with it, you can switch to an on-screen analog stick mode which has become popular in recent mobile games. This is a very small tip that's just all about feel.

Plus, sometimes it can be easy to miss that you can switch up your controls. Going into the pause menu, it should be pretty easy to spot but, starting out the game, you may not think about pausing much, but you can easily switch back and forth to see which method you're most comfortable with.

Pay Attention for Shortcuts

Another small, but helpful detail is the inclusion of shortcuts in The Last Campfire. The game is split up into different areas that you can explore pretty freely. In these areas, you can unlock some shortcuts to help you get past certain obstacles in case you need to return.

Sometimes these aren't a big deal, but some can save you some time and potential dangers. Even avoiding loading screens can be pretty useful although they're pretty fast in the game. It's always nice opening up some easy paths in any game (being a Dark Souls nut, I know the joys).

So, just like in our first tip, keep those eyes sharp and look for those shortcuts. Even if you think they'll be useless, open them up anyway. You just never know if or when one will become helpful for you during your adventures.

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