Movie adaptation The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire sprints onto iPhone and iPad

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Movie adaptation The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire sprints onto iPhone and iPad

Movie tie-in The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire for iPhone and iPad has just sprinted onto the App Store.

In this adaptation of Gary Ross's high-profile sci-fi flick, you are cast as series protagonist Katniss Everdeen, an inhabitant of the fictional nation of Penam, which was formed after the destruction of North America.

Crafted by some of the most talented designers on the indie scene, this endless-runner sees you fending off giant wasps with a bow and arrow as you venture beyond the boundaries of District 12 in search of food to sustain your family.

Dodge laser fire across the forest floor and tree canopy by swiping up and down on the touchscreen, and eliminate Tracker Jackers with a simple tap.

Running free

Published by Lionsgate and developed by an aforementioned indie dream team (Adam Saltsman - Canabalt; Mark Johns - Tap Tap Dance; and Paul Veer - Super Crate Box), this is one movie spin-off that might actually be *deep breath* quite good.

Both The Hunger Games film and game are based on the first book in Susan Collins's hugely successful The Hunger Games trilogy.

Keen hunters can track down the free Universal app The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire on the App Store now.

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