Wilderness exploration game The First Tree coming to mobile later this month

Wilderness exploration game The First Tree coming to mobile later this month
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David Wehle’s The First Tree is coming to iOS and Android devices on 18th November after a run on PC and consoles.

It’s a third-person adventure game centred around two parallel stories: a fox trying to find her missing family, and a son reconnecting with his father in Alaska. You take control of the fox as she embarks on her poignant journey that crescendos at the source of life and death, and along the way will uncover clues and artifacts from the son’s life as he and the fox’s journeys become entwined.

It’s a short game, taking up roughly an hour and a half of your time, and is one for fans of peaceful, melancholic adventure games such as Journey, Firewatch, and Shelter. Wehle stresses this isn’t a “fox simulator”, but a more intimate, emotional story with an ending you won’t be sure to forget.

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You can check out the trailer above to get an idea of what it's like. Music is also big part of the experience of these kinds of games, and so The First Tree features an elegant soundtrack by acclaimed artists like Message to Bears, Lowercase Noises, and Josh Kramer.

Originally released in 2017, this is Wehle’s second commercial game after Home is Where One Starts... was released on Steam in 2015. It was a short, first-person game in the same vein as Dear Esther or Gone Home about a little girl from a broken home who explores the lonely countryside to find a new home for herself.

David Wehle’s The First Tree is currently available as a premium title for pre-order on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. You can purchase it for £4.99, and it’s expected to launch on 18th November.

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