The First Tree: A few things to keep in mind when playing this beautiful game

The First Tree: A few things to keep in mind when playing this beautiful game

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The First Tree is a breathtaking exploration game where you take on the role of a mother fox. This is not a fox simulator, but an emotional journey about a mother trying to find her lost family. You are essentially playing in the dream of a man, who speaks to his wife in the background, reminiscing about his past and his father.

It's in a way, kind of like an open-world game. You can explore different areas and make discoveries. When you make some, the man will tell a story about something from his past. You quickly realize that there's a correlation between this man and the fox's story but it will still feel like a mystery early on.

There are no enemies in the game and no attacking of any kind. It's just a large, lush world with you as the fox, trying to find what seems like is lost. With no combat of any kind, we'll just tell you a few things to know when you dive into this unique journey.

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Feel Free to Go Off the Beaten Path

The First Tree is essentially like an open-world so feel free to have a good gander before continuing on. You may find some interesting discoveries. Once you do, you'll hear more stories from the mystery man who's talking to his wife, talking about the past.

There are also these little crystalized items that are scattered around the world. You can try and find these and eventually, you'll understand their purpose. Check both low and high places for these, and don't worry if you think some are too high, because the fox actually has excellent leaping abilities.

This is one of those games that doesn't hold your hand with a linear story and it's this mystique that makes the game interesting. Any game like that is fascinating and The First Tree is just as intriguing as any, so definitely let your curiosity run wild throughout the experience.

Take in the Music

The quality of the music and overall audio in The First Tree is some of the best you'll hear in a mobile game. As we mentioned, the game has open-world vibes and is filled with different luscious environments. The music fits the setting beautifully.

The songs also fit the overall emotion of the game as well. On top of this, the music can come off as relaxing at times, when you're exploring the forests and other parts of the game world. One thing I always say is that great music and audio quality can have a major impact on a game.

Here, in The First Tree, this is most certainly true. So definitely make sure to enjoy it.

The Game is Short and Sweet

This is one thing to definitely keep in mind firing up The First Tree. The game's length might have the right amount of touch for those who want a fun, but light gaming experience. Overall, it could take you about two hours to complete the game. 

In some ways, it's like Journey, the legendary PlayStation game where your goal is to reach the peak of a mountain. That game was really short (easily less than two hours) and it is regarded as one of the greatest games of all-time. 

That's how The First Tree kind of feels as well. A short but satisfying experience filled with beautiful explorative gameplay and great storytelling to go along with great music like we talked about. Its length is also great for mobile gamers who are on the move as well. But definitely feel free to take your time with this game if you wish. No matter how fast you play through it, you're in for quite an adventure. 


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