The Battle Cats brings back its Heartbeat Catcademy event, bringing with it new units and free handouts galore

The Battle Cats brings back its Heartbeat Catcademy event, bringing with it new units and free handouts galore
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The oddball strategy game from PONOS Corporation, The Battle Cats, is hosting this year's run of its anime-inspired Heartbeat Catcademy event. This event runs on a yearly basis, and includes some generous handouts as well as challenging event-exclusive levels to test your mettle within, which also hand out a ton of rare rewards.

If you aren’t familiar, The Battle Cats is a strategic satirical game that uses a funny-looking hand-drawn art style for all of its graphics. You’ll go level by level, each seeing you send out different types of units in waves against an enemy who’s doing the same thing. The levels ramp up in difficulty, and it will become reliant both on your unit composition as well as strategic timing and usage of different abilities to beat the toughest of the challenges.

As for the Heartbeat Catcademy event, this one’s a spin on classic Japanese manga tropes of high school romances, complete with the silly hand-drawn cats adorned in schoolgirl uniforms and passing love notes around to their crushes.

Content-wise, Catcademy brings with it a lot of opportunities for free handouts. Every other week from March 13th to April 10th, you’ll be able to have a go at the Cat Scratcher lottery, which will give you a variety of different rewards. On top of this, you’ll be able to complete those previously mentioned challenge levels to receive Love Letter items, which can be exchanged for various different things as well.

There are also a fair few event-limited units you can grab from those Love Letter exchanges. These include the Masked Lion Cat, the Chalkboard Eraser Cat, the Class Rep. Cat, and the Secret Crush Cat.

If you’re looking to get your hands on all this free stuff, you can give the Heartbeat Catcademy event a go by downloading The Battle Cats for free at either of the links below!

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