Tactical RPG The Banner Saga is due for release on tablets this September

It really has been a saga

Tactical RPG The Banner Saga is due for release on tablets this September

Stoic Studio has announced that its tactical RPG The Banner Saga will be coming to iPad, Android tablets, and Windows tablets in September 2014.

Previously, the studio had planned to bring The Banner Saga to tablets in the summer of 2014. You know, the one that we're about to exit with August coming to an end.

Obviously, that wasn't quite possible, but at least we shouldn't even have to wait a full month before we get to play it on our tablets now.

Stoic didn't announce what price The Banner Saga will be sold for on tablets yet. However, we are expecting it to be among the higher end of premium pricing.

That's due to Stoic's John Watson previously mentioning that's what pricing region the studio is aiming for. Plus, Apple has apparently been encouraging the studio to go with a higher price, too.

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With the release announcement today, Watson also said, that Stoic was "excited about the prospect of offering The Banner Saga to a new medium of gamers."

We're also excited about the upcoming release, especially as Stoic had run-ins earlier this with King about the "Saga" trademark it held. It provoked ideas that the game may never come to tablets - although, Stoic never said that it wouldn't.

It's been a mini saga for Stoic in getting the game to this point of near-release. Let's hope the game lives up to its promise next month.

You can find more information on The Banner Saga on its website.