The Banner Saga gets a new trailer to celebrate its upcoming Vita port

Stoic takes on Sony

The Banner Saga gets a new trailer to celebrate its upcoming Vita port
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Last weekend's PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas saw the announcement of several upcoming PS Vita ports, including that of Stoic's tactical RPG, The Banner Saga.

We covered this news earlier in the week, following Stoic's announcement of The Banner Saga 2 at the Game Awards.

However, for fans eager for more info, Community Director Lance James of Versus Evil – the game's publisher – has written up a post detailing more about the decision to bring The Banner Saga to PlayStation platforms.

According to James, fans have been asking for a Vita version of The Banner Saga for a while.

"Stoic initially designed the UI and the gameplay with the idea of mobile devices in mind, and the Vita is no exception," James explains. "The gameplay, UI, and design all work extremely well on the platform."

Our review of The Banner Saga gave the game a Gold Award, calling it "one of the freshest games of its kind."

You can expect the Viking-themed strategy game on Vita sometime next year.

For now, enjoy the new trailer celebrating The Banner Saga's future arrival on PlayStation 4 and Vita.

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