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The developer of The Balloons calls it "the world's first endless floater," but we know their game.

Yes, this is another endless climber. It's a relatively distinctive effort, though.

Our balloon moves, rather unusually, by puffing left and right to move upwards and diagonally in the opposite direction. This means that the controls are effectively switched by default.

You get the option to switch to the 'right' way around early on, but I decided to stick with it. It certainly lends the game a unique feel if you do so.

Not that it gets any easier. This is a punishingly difficult game, with plenty of sharp pins to pop you and blind alleys to float up.

It's arguable that The Balloons's exacting level design doesn't match up with its floaty, inertia-filled controls, but it is possible to tame both with effort. Only the most determined will find it fun enough to push through through the inevitable frustration threshold, though.

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The Balloons

A relatively fresh but extremely punishing take on the endless climber
Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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