App Army Assemble: Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2 - Better than the first?

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App Army Assemble: Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2 - Better than the first?

Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2 picks up where the first left off, with Bertram trying to track down Geoff the Murderer. That involves solving puzzles in Victorian London in this gorgeous animated adventure sequel.

But is it as good as the first? We asked the App Army and here's what they had to say.

Matt King

I'm enjoying Bertram Fiddle so far. It's quite a tricky point and click adventure. The graphics are nice and the humour works well.

There's a nice system that displays what you can and can't interact with, which takes away a lot of guesswork without ruining any of the puzzles.

The only thing missing is a hint system but that's what the internet is for. A polished example of the genre.

Laura Egri

Fans of point and click detective stories will be delighted. The humour style may not be for everyone's taste but give it a go.

The puzzles aren't very challenging but working with the environment can be tricky in parts as some things are not easy to spot on a small screen.

Luckily the controls are set up to help. The cartoonish, caricature-like graphics and old fashion themed characters, dialogue, and story blend nicely into a charming catchy experience. Which is, after, all the part that counts in an adventure game.

Go and help Bertram solve the mysteries.

Tom Clark

This is a great addition to the original. I love the graphics and gameplay - it will keep you entertained for quite some time.

The developers have done well with this expansion. Great job. If you liked the original, the you must get this.


I'm really enjoying Bertram Fiddle. Great writing, excellent humour, and some pretty devious puzzles to figure out. Only played for about an hour but can see me wanting to keep at it until I finish it.

Anna Peters

Yay for Bertram Fiddle! This game has all you could want from a classic point and click adventure. The humour and voice acting coupled with great graphics makes this a really enjoyable play.

The puzzles, though straightforward, need some thought and it has some original ideas - which isn't always easy in this genre.

My only gripe is I often found it hard to open up my inventory.

Oksana Ryan

If you enjoy puzzlers, this is definitely for you. The quirky voices and music fit the game perfectly, but the most noticeable thing is Bertram's strange nose - I'm assuming it's this large nose that helps him sniff out the clues.

I've not had chance to play for long but I will definitely be finishing it. A great game for anyone who likes a challenge.

Quincy Jones

This is a fun point and click adventure with great humour, voice acting, and puzzles that won't keep you from progressing.

I'm a sucker for British humour so this was right up my alley. I actually stopped playing and decided to go play part one before continuing.

Steve Clarke

Bertram Fiddle certainly has a sense of humour. Almost every line of dialogue is dripping with innuendo, puns or mockery of British stereotypes.

Early in the game, for example, you're tasked with cold calling customers to make your sales target. Upon interrupting a Mr. Hardwood's quiet time you're curtly informed, among other things, that he is a very impotent person. If you found that funny, you'll enjoy this game.

The puzzles are challenging but not impossible. Players new to point and click games might struggle. I particularly enjoyed one where the solution could be found by turning your device upside down, I’ve never seen that in this genre before.

The dialogue, while well written and acted, is sparse. There's no dialogue tree or anything like that. You can click on an object and be greeted with silence and to me that feels incomplete.

I've enjoyed playing Bertram Fiddle a lot. It's a challenging, if slightly unpolished adventure. I just wish the world had been fleshed out a little more.

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