Tetris finally lands on the UK App Store

Finally. After only three short months

Tetris finally lands on the UK App Store
| Tetris (iPhone)

The US got it at launch, but the European App Store has had a big, Tetris-shaped gap in its pile of geometric blocks. Until now.

Finally Tetris is available for European iPhones and iPod touches. Quite what the delay has been is anyone's guess, though few will bother to question the game's absence now the classic block-building game has finally arrived. Finally.

There's plenty of building blocks to piece together on Pocket Gamer, if this is something that's caught your interest - first and foremost a full review of the iPhone adaptation.

"A pretty port of the classic," Tracy, our American contingent, said, as he hung a Bronze medal around the iPhone game's neck. "Tetris drops onto iPhone with marginally successful touch controls to complement its solid gameplay."

What else is there to say? It looks like Tetris, as Tetris should be. Finally. It's not new, but how many classics are? You can finally go to the App Store, boy.

At last.