Tesla Force, a new roguelike top down shooter, is launching soon on iOS devices

Tesla Force, a new roguelike top down shooter, is launching soon on iOS devices
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10ton’s endlessly replayable roguelite top-down shooter called Tesla Force is officially releasing on 19th August. The game will be priced at a premium of $5.99 or your local equivalent.

Tesla Force has quite a science-y feel to it as it is based on Nikola Tesla and the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. Use the power of science to partake in tentacle splitting action and defeat your cosmic enemies who are up to no good. They will not stop until all of humanity has been destroyed, and it is up to the four characters you can play, Nikola Tesla, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Mary Shelley, and Marie Curie, to save everyone.

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Okay so for those who are not familiar with the genre, roguelikes involve procedurally generated maps and permadeath. In short, they aren’t easy games and take more than they give, but that is the fun of them. It is the challenge that makes you want to play on and on.

The game draws inspiration from the award-winning game Tesla vs Lovecraft, a twin-stick shooter that was launched on PC in 2018 by 10ton. As a successor to the game, Tesla Force has been imbibed with newer and more fun, destruction inducing, crazy gameplay elements and much better visuals as well.

The game went into development in late 2018, after Tesla vs Lovecraft’s launch and was initially supposed to release in Q1 of 2020, but thanks to pandemic delays, is finally launching in three days!

What should make this game fun to play is the fact that the levels are all randomly generated. So, you could replay it a number of times, but it’ll still feel like new. To this, add a number of dreadful weapons, dozens of enemies to destroy them with and umpteen character customizations! It’s truly going to be a delight to play. At least we hope so.

Pre-order Tesla Force on the iOS App Store right now for $5.99 and play from 19th August.

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Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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