Tengami to stay intricately folded up a little while longer

Beautiful iOS adventure coming some time this year

Tengami to stay intricately folded up a little while longer
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We're really looking forward to Tengami, a beautiful-looking iOS adventure game from a team of ex-Rare employees. In fact, we recently rated it one of our most anticipated mobile games of 2013.

So when we learned recently that this origami-styled point-and-click adventure won't be released this month as anticipated, well, it was like a paper-cut to the heart.

Over on Nyamnyam's website, the developer has updated its release date projections from "this month" or "the summer" to "definitely coming out this year."

Creases to be ironed out

Apparently there's still a lot of work to do on the game. The developer offers the opportunity to sign up for an email alert as soon as a fixed release date is agreed.

Tengami is being made as an iOS-led project, with Wii U, PC, and Mac versions following after. Android, Vita, and 3DS fans should take to the original post's comments section if you want a version of your own - at the developer's own encouragement we might add.

In our hands-on preview of the game back in April we found Tengami shaping up to be "a stunning-looking and sounding game" with a dark fairy tale vibe. You control a paper character by double tapping to move him around each lush environment, solving puzzles by manipulating the paper-based environment.

Check out the official gameplay trailer here, and keep your fingers folded for speedy progress on the game.

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