Temple Run for Android arriving on March 27th

Fresh pair of running shoes

Temple Run for Android arriving on March 27th
| Temple Run

Yesterday, we reported on a brazen Android clone of Imangi Studios's extremely popular endless-runner Temple Run, which went as far as to steal the game's name and logo.

Thankfully, we can now report that the official version of Imangi's Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning iOS title will sprint onto the Android Market on March 27th.

If you aren't familiar with this free-to-play title, it sees you grab a mysterious golden idol and run for life to escape a gang of bloodthirsty monkeys that are hot on your tail.

You have to swipe on your device's screen to jump obstacles; slide under hazards; and turn corners at breakneck speeds. You can also tilt your handheld to collect coins and upgradable power-ups.

Starting to sweat

"We are excited to finally share the Android release date with our fans who have been so enthusiastic and supportive of Temple Run," Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi Studios, said.

"By expanding to more mobile devices, we hope to provide the same addictive and fast-paced gameplay to an entirely new group of players."

Temple Run will be available for free on the Android Market from March 27th.