Temple Run dashes onto Android

For real this time

Temple Run dashes onto Android
| Temple Run

Imangi Studio's hit 3D endless-runner Temple Run has finally dashed onto Android today, hopefully ending the almost unrelenting wave of clones and opportunistic cash-ins from less scrupulous Android developers as a result.

The Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning title sees you take the role of a brave explorer (in the Indiana Jones mould), who must dash his way past obstacles, traps, and away from evil monkeys.

The real draw of the game is in how the scoring works, though. As in many of the successful 'just one more game' titles of the past on mobiles, a round on Temple Run is fast and always suggests you can do that bit better the next time.

Keep moving!

There are coins to be collected that can help make subsequent runs longer, as well as the option of purchasing more gear using real money to speed up the process.

If you're still having issues, you can always check out our mega-guide, too. We're nice like that.

Temple Run for Android is out now on Google Play for free [download].