Apple removes Temple Jump and other 'clones' from App Store

Imitation elimination

Apple removes Temple Jump and other 'clones' from App Store
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Apple has removed Temple Jump and several more so-called 'clone' apps from its App Store.

As a consequence of Apple's clampdown on those who ape the names and mechanics of existing titles, Temple Jump developer Anton Sinelnikov has had his library of 68 apps, including Tiny Birds and Numbers With Friends, pruned to a meagre nine.

Speaking to Gamasutra, co-founder of Temple Run developer Imangi Studios Natalia Luckyanova expressed her happiness at Apple's decision to remove Temple Jump for the App Store.

Luckyanova said: "The app was clearly a scam that traded entirely on the popularity of Temple Run and was packaged to confuse users."

Triple threat

Apple's more aggressive stance towards the violation of IP in its Store comes after Triple Town developer Spry Fox filed a copyright infringement suit against 6waves Lolapps last week over its suspiciously similar match-three puzzler Yeti Town.

One week earlier, Zynga's Dream Heights came under fire from NimbleBit's Ian Marsh for allegedly copying popular stategy sim Tiny Tower.

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