The race is on: Temple Run 2 now available on Google Play

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The race is on: Temple Run 2 now available on Google Play
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Having already dashed past its competitors straight to the top of the App Store Free Games chart, Temple Run 2 has just taken its first step on the Android marketplace.

After a bit of unpleasantness involving fake Temple Run 2 apps earlier in the week, the second chapter in Imangi's astonishingly popular endless-runner phenomenon is now officially available on Google Play. Accept no substitutes.

As in the first Temple Run, you step into the well-heeled boots of an archaeologist in this sequel. This Indiana Jones-esque adventurer finds himself beating a hasty retreat from weird beasties over the hazardous pathways of an ancient civilisation.

Tactical retreat

Though it's largely business as usual, Temple Run 2 does contain a few new elements.

For example, the roads are no longer straight and true, with pathways snaking around obstacles, or rising up and falling away without warning.

There's also the occasional zip-line, plus a new power-up system to master. Collect enough coins, and you will trigger a special power. This power can be anything from temporary invincibility to a coin-attracting buff.

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After racking up 20 million downloads of Temple Run 2 on iOS within the first four days on 'sale', Imangi has proved that its franchise definitely has legs.

In fact, the franchise will soon be striding onto another platform, with Imangi's Keith Shepherd confirming to that a Windows 8 version of Temple Run is already in the works.

Android users, though, can join in the great escape now by downloading Temple Run 2 from Google Play for free.

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