Tears of Themis continues Electrifying Night limited time event

Tears of Themis continues Electrifying Night limited time event
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Developer HoYoverse has announced that the popular otome puzzler Tears of Themis is hosting the continuation of its limited run event at the end of this month. On March 25th, the boys of Tears of Themis will don their hip streetwear-inspired looks and you’ll be able to experience the second part of the Electrifying Night event!

The Electrifying Night event sees the usually detective-based romance game take to the streets as the main cast gets involved in the nightlife of the city. During this event, you’ll see dozens of rewards available if you complete certain tasks, such as an event-limited SR card, an event-limited badge, and many other free rewards. Most of these limited-time challenges will be completed by using Loaded Dice that you can earn from daily tasks.

The structure of these challenges is built in a familiar fashion to the way a lot of mobile games tend to set up limited time events, placing a figure on a board and progressively furthering your progress across that board as you complete specific goals. Each step on this board will give you rewards of varying value, from in-game currency to special event specific rewards. Every roll of those Loaded Dice will decide how many steps across this board you take.

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Also during this event, the limited-time “Electrifying Reveries” tasks will be available. Completing them will give you Reveries EXP and increase your Electrifying Reveries level. As you progress this bar, you’ll reach milestones and at each one unlock various rewards such as the exclusive Artem SR “Winning Ball”, Tears of Themis, S-Chips, and other high-value rewards. Four new chibi invitations will be available as well; The Luke “Skateboarding Challenge” Invitation, Artem “Private Instructions” Invitation, Vyn “Into My Heart” Invitation, and the Marius “Mark of Graffiti” Invitation.

On top of all of that content, there will also be an increased draw rate from the gacha system for the event specific Luke SSR “Through The Heavens”, Vyn SSR “Neon Melody”, and the Marius SSR “Vibrant Graffiti”.

With all of these new additions to the game, there’s never been a better time to get into the romance game Tears of Themis, so if you’re looking to get started, you can download it for free on Google Play and the App Store.

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