Teamfight Tactics patch 14.11 debuts very soon

Debuts the new fistbump feature and more

Teamfight Tactics patch 14.11 debuts very soon
  • Teamfight Tactics patch 14.11 is right around the corner
  • We'll go over the new additions in brief right here
  • A new reporting system, the Fistbump system and more are set to be added

Teamfight Tactics, the mobile spin-off of hit MOBA League of Legends, sees patch 14.11 drop very shortly. Coming with this new patch are a host of balances, the new Fistbump system and the opening of a new server.

So what's new? Well, first off, the Fistbump System. Basically, this is a new way for you to emote a digital fistbump or fireworks to celebrate a teammate. Although given this is League we're talking about we're sure it won't be long until this becomes more of a sarcastic gesture.

The big news, arguably, is the opening of a brand new server. The Middle East server will open its doors on June 25th 2024, it has been announced. Although unfortunately, TFT's mobile version won't be arriving until later this year.

Miscellanea Teamfight Tactics patch notes 14.11

Aside from that, we see a host of balance changes for champions like Caitlyn and Camille, the return of the Blue Essence emporium which lets you spend that currency on chromas and other accessories, changes to Solo/Duo ranked and finally the ability to report inappropriate RiotIDs in Champion Select and the Lobby.

Overall, we're seeing quite a few relatively minor changes. However, we do note a strong focus on improving player experience in this patch. While the Fistbump system is a small gesture towards hopefully making players more positive, we expect the expanded ability to report RiotIDs will be more significant, if only in generating more reports.

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