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How to level up in TFT and when to reroll for units

TFT leveling guide

How to level up in TFT and when to reroll for units

Learning when to spend your Gold on XP is quite an art if I may say so myself. TFT is a heavily strategic game, where every decision will impact the game in one way or another - be it a 4 XP points loss that leads to a broken win/lose streak or a missed Chosen opportunity, the game leaves little room for error.

Today we are going to dive into a TFT leveling guide, and give you some insight on how to better prepare for the late game, how to get yourself solid progress, and really - how to play the game!

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This is a general TFT leveling guide, so keep in mind that it won't apply to all the team comps. Sometimes you want to slow-roll, and other times you want to hyper-roll for a specific unit once you hit a power spike (for example you've got a Chosen and are 2 units away from making that unit 3*). But hyper-rolling and slow-rolling are slightly more advanced, so we'll cover that later on.

When to level up in Teamfight Tactics?

Leveling up at the following stages will help you econ and stay relatively healthy, so try to do so according to your team comp.

Level up to level 4: Stage 1-4 (if you don't have a Chosen yet) or Stage 2-1 Level up to level 5: Stage 2-3 (if you don't have a Chosen and have 10+ Gold) or Stage 2-5
*Players usually get strong around stage 2-5 (the early-game power spike) - so be prepared. Level up to level 6: Stage 3-2 (if you have 20+ Gold) or Stage 3-5
*Players usually get strong around stage 3-2 (the mid-game power spike) Level up to level 7: Stage 3-5 (if you have 30+ Gold) or Stage 4-1
*Players usually get strong around stage 4-1 (the mid-to-late-game power spike) Level up to level 8: Stage 4-5 (if you have 30+ Gold) or Stage 5-1
*Late game starts at stage 5-1, and that's when every big loss can deal up to 20 DMG.

Level up to level 9: You won't always need to go to level 9, and it's really hard to do so in this set. If you have a lot of Gold and your units are strong enough, you can slowly push to level 9. Otherwise, don't bother because it's a lot of Gold that you could otherwise spend on 3-starring some of your units.

Decide how you want to level

Based on the stages mentioned above, you want to level up depending on how your game is going.

  • Pre-leveling (to stay ahead of the opponents and have a better chance of getting good units)
  • Roll for 2* units (some of them can be really strong)
  • Power-leveling (nevermind Gold - bring the XP!)


You probably know by now that at the end of each round you get +2 XP - the idea of pre-leveling focuses on you spending Gold on getting just enough EXP to level up at key intervals and by taking advantage of the +2 XP.

For example, to get from level 3 to level 4 you need 6 EXP - you can Buy XP once (+4) at the end of the creep stage and with the +2 XP you'll get just enough to be level 4 before the actual PvP starts.


By power-leveling, you will not rely too much on Gold and econ early on, but instead, you'll shift your attention towards leveling and only that.

This can be ideal if you already have a couple of 2* units and want to stay ahead since you'll save some life early on in the game by doing this.

Roll for 2* units

You can try to upgrade your units to 2* or even 3* (if you're really lucky) and that will give you an advantage over your opponents. However, this might not always be ideal since in the endgame there are many 4-cost units that could outscale the 1-cost options.

TFT leveling guide

When to reroll for units?

Rerolling for units DOES NOT MEAN spending all of your Gold on upgrading said units. So, with that being said, there are three levels when you want to go for specific units: level 5, level 6, and level 7.

Sometimes you can even sell your old Chosen (if it's not a great dealbreaker for your team) once you hit level 8 (or level 9 even), and reroll for a 4-cost Chosen. However, keep in mind that this is very difficult and is mostly good if you already made all your other units 3* (to take them out of the draft). In case you are not sure what are the best early and late game units, look at our TFT tier list of best units!

Rerolling for units at level 5:
  • 1-cost units: 45%
  • 2-cost units: 33%
  • 3-cost units: 20%
  • 4-cost units: 2%
  • 5-cost units: -

At level 5 you only want to reroll some Gold for your 1-cost units (to make them 3*) and some 2-cost units. Sometimes you'll be lucky to get a 3-cost Chosen, so that might be something to consider. You don't want to reroll for 3-cost units in particular here.

Rerolling for units at level 6:
  • 1-cost units: 35%
  • 2-cost units: 35%
  • 3-cost units: 25%
  • 4-cost units: 5%
  • 5-cost units: -

At level 6 you want to reroll for 2-cost units and some 3-cost units. With a 5% chance, you could even get a 4-cost unit sometimes.

Rerolling for units at level 7:
  • 1-cost units: 22%
  • 2-cost units: 35%
  • 3-cost units: 30%
  • 4-cost units: 12%
  • 5-cost units: 1%

This is where you can try to 3-star your 3-cost units and 2-cost units. You also have a slight chance to get a 5-cost unit but don't reroll for one here because it's a waste of Gold.

Keep in mind that each game is different. Until you master the way to level up in multiple ways, this is the best, and most balanced way to stay ahead of the game and minimize your chances of falling behind.

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Cristina Mesesan
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