Teamfight Tactics receives mid-set update that reworks some augments and introduces the first TFT-exclusive unit

Teamfight Tactics receives mid-set update that reworks some augments and introduces the first TFT-exclusive unit

Riot Games’ super popular auto-chess battler Teamfight Tactics, based on the equally popular League of Legends property, has announced its next big mid-set update, entitled The Dragonlands: Uncharted Realms, due out on September 8th with Patch 12.17. This update brings a ton of new mechanics, including new augments, arenas, and traits, all adding up to make Teamfight Tactics feel even more fresh and unique.

First up, we’ve got this new augment. After the Gizmos and Gadgets update, the Draconic augment was introduced. With The Dragonlands: Uncharted Realms launch, this augment has been reworked a bit, and will now allow players to lead a five-dragon army that also includes cost reductions and new Tier 3 Dragon units. Along with Nomsy and Swain being upgraded to tier-3 units, a brand new TFT exclusive unit named Sohm will be introduced too, giving Draconic players a ton of new options for team-building.

During every match of TFT, there’s a PvE round that used to be against one kind of dragon unit. Now, the Treasure Round has been upgraded to feature the Chaos Treasure Dragon and the Order Treasure Dragon. Chaos drops different, unpredictable items, pulling from the entire loot table. Order, on the other hand, drops Radiant items exclusively, boosting the power of the entire lobby.

With all of these changes, Teamfight Tactics’ meta is surely gonna change in some dramatic ways, which should be good news to any longtime player who may feel that the same strategy every match can get a little dull.

Naturally, a new meta means choosing new combinations of units to compose a perfect team, so be prepared to learn the battlefield all over again and figure out exactly what works well with what.

If you’d like to check out these changes for yourself, you can head over to the official patch notes and give them a glance. In the meantime, if you’d like to get involved with TFT yourself, you can download it for free at either of the links below!

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