Teamfight Tactics' fifth anniversary event is here!

New rewards and a new game-mode are here

Teamfight Tactics' fifth anniversary event is here!
  • Teamfight Tactics' five-year anniversary is here!
  • Enjoy exclusive log-in rewards, a new game mode and more
  • Check out what's included, including Pengu's Party, a new game mode

It's time to celebrate five years of Teamfight Tactics! The upcoming anniversary of the League of Legends spin-off is here and will release very soon, tomorrow, in fact. And for fans of TFT, there's a whole host of rewards as well as a new game mode waiting for you.

First off, the thing everyone wants to know is; "What am I getting?" Well, for daily login rewards, from June 12th to July 15th you can claim 50 Treasure Tokens every day, with a Celebration emote on the last day.

Teamfight Tactics log-in rewards chart

Meanwhile, Free Pass Rewards include 50 Star Shards and 100 Treasure Tokens alongside an emote. Suffice it to say if you're logging in during the Five-year Bash you'll be getting your money's (or lack thereof) worth.

Teamfight Tactics pass rewards chart

But the biggest addition is Pengu's Party, a new game mode that functions as you would normally expect a Teamfight Tactics match to, but which allows you to enhance your roster with traits from across TFT's five-year history.

You can check out more of the details, including extensive patch notes, on the official Teamfight Tactics blog.

A league of their own

It's impressive that Teamfight Tactics has managed to establish itself so well. But that should be expected given that League is so popular. We do find it ironic that, while mobile is often considered to be the more money-gouging platform, mainline League is now getting the infamous $500 skins while TFT celebrates its anniversary.

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