Gameloft soft-launches new top-down shooter Tank Battles in New Zealand

Tanks for the heads-up

Gameloft soft-launches new top-down shooter Tank Battles in New Zealand

When we first heard Gameloft had soft-launched a new free-to-play game in New Zealand called Tank Battles, we braced ourselves for a World of Tanks-inspired military hardware 'homage'.

Much to our surprise, however, Gameloft's Tank Battles is actually a cartoon-style top-down shooter that's more reminiscent of Micro Machines than World War II.

In Tank Battles, you play as a plucky tank commander who's out to prove his worth in the ultimate tank tournament. How? By blasting the opposition to bits. Obviously.

The single-player campaign is set across a number of small maps, each of which contains tanks and scenery to shoot at. You control your tank with a floating joystick, and fire either by tapping on targets or using another stick on the opposite side of the screen.

You can buy upgrades for your machine to toughen its defences and improve its cannons. Oh, and you can buy extra weapons like mines and turrets.

Gameloft has also included a multiplayer mode in Tank Battles, in which you can scrap it out against up to three other players for tank-based supremacy.

Throw in some interesting social aspects, like the ability to rent your friend's tanks for a mission, and you're left with a pretty enticing package.

Of course, there are IAPs galore in Tank Battles. By shelling out for these, you can purchase currency to enable you to get the best upgrades at a faster rate.

Tank Battles is available on the New Zealand App Store right now if you fancy having a blast. We'll let you know when Gameloft makes it available globally.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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