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Talking Tom Hero Dash adds an all-new Hyperboard gadget and implements New Live Events

Talking Tom Hero Dash adds an all-new Hyperboard gadget and implements New Live Events

Outfit7's Talking Tom Hero Dash is a fast-paced runner game that delivers an all-around exciting experience for players. Users will embark on a globetrotting adventure to rescue members of the Talking Tom Heroes from an army of mischievous raccoons!

You'll have several useful gadgets at your disposal to help you navigate the levels and ultimately save the day. They're all a ton of fun to try out and master as you continue along on your quest. The latest to arrive is the high-flying Hyperboard, which is one of the most stand-out additions to the game yet.

The Hyperboard will instantly transport you to an all-new area from the Egypt world. These ancient tunnels can be fairly treacherous, with the level slowly flooding over time. This causes the enemy racoons to use floaties to stay above water. While making your escape from the tunnels will be tricky, your trusty Hyperboard should allow you to safely land any challenging jumps that may arise.

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On top of that, a couple of limited-time events are on their way, giving you a chance to earn special tokens. These can then be used to purchase new outfits and other neat rewards. The first of these events is called Force of Nature, and it's running from April 9th to April 22nd. Here, you'll be able to unlock the stylish Planet Power Tom outfit. The second event, Thunder Storm, will run from April 30th to May 13th. This one gives you a chance to earn the Hurricane Hank outfit.

If you're looking for a top-tier and action-packed runner with tons of likeable characters, you'll find Talking Tom Hero Dash available for download now from over on the App Store and Google Play.