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Tales of the Mirror: What to expect from this visual novel puzzle inspired by Chinese legend

Tales of the Mirror: What to expect from this visual novel puzzle inspired by Chinese legend

Tales of the Mirror begins peacefully enough - you lounge around along the south of Yangtze River, enjoying the gorgeous view of the lake. But the appearance of a woman named Ren Sanniang disrupts the humdrum of your everyday life, and you’re thrust into a world of magic, mystery, and murder - all to bring justice to her family and bring a happy ending to her tearful tale.

Engaging storyline with branching narratives

Thus begins your unexpected journey in Tales of the Mirror. Set in the mid and late Ming Dynasty, Lilith Games’ visual novel is inspired by the ancient Chinese legend of the same name. Not only does every course of action you take affect the outcome of the story, but each character you meet will have their own quirks that may or may not work to your advantage. You’ll really need to put your thinking cap on to try and solve the terrible murder, and that means reading between the lines in every conversation - hidden clues and red herrings included.

A breathtaking hand painted aesthetic

To guide you through your quest to discover the truth in this text puzzle-slash-visual novel, your trusty magic mirror will help reveal truths and lies no matter how bizarre. Things aren’t always as they seem, after all - especially when every character has their own personal motivations. You’ll have to befriend the right people to find the information you need, and choose whom to trust very, very carefully. All this is set in the backdrop of the dreamlike scenery of Yangtze Delta, and every level has that overall vibe of being inside a Chinese painting.

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Authentic elements true to its era

To top it all off, the exquisite background score adds to the consistency of the game’s theme that’s reminiscent of the source material. Of course, this authenticity comes to life with every object, character, and dialogue in the game - a quality you’d expect from the award-winning developers of Mr. Pumpkin Adventure fame.

So, what do a golden bird and an enchanted mirror have to do with anything, and how do you complete all 17 endings of the game? You’ll just have to stay tuned until Tales of the Mirror’s official release date on August 12th with a price of $2.99. For now, you can get a little taste of how this stunning murder mystery set in Ancient China reflects the human condition in the game’s official trailer.