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takt op. Symphony, the musically inspired gacha RPG, has finally launched globally

takt op. Symphony, the musically inspired gacha RPG, has finally launched globally

Two whole years after its original announcement, the music-based gacha RPG takt op. Symphony has finally launched all over the globe. This unique new game follows up on the multi-media spanning franchise that takt op. is, specifically following story-wise right after the anime series takt. op. Destiny!

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Partially due to being multi-media, takt is a complicated series full of intricate lore and some really interesting ideas. The essential premise of the universe is that music has been essentially outlawed, not due to some tyrannical government force or corporation, but due to the fact that said music attracts horrible creatures that are hellbent on demolishing all sources of tunes. You play the part of the heroic group Symphonica Internal Organization and Musicarts, who were established to deal with this threat using, you guessed it, music.

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It’s a really interesting world premise that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and that says something for anime series given how trite and dime-a-dozen their world design has a tendency to be. How this unique premise translates to a mobile game is in the form of a 3D turn-based RPG that will allow you to build up your own team of characters within that previously discussed organization, and use their different abilities to battle dangerous foes.

The cool part of this premise is that every party member will utilize musically inspired moves to do damage or heal and support their allies. Most of the instruments in-game are centred on classical instruments such as violins or harps - that sort of thing. Of course, being so heavily based on music, the soundtrack to this one is a special highlight, so keep that volume up and those ears as sharp as possible.

If all of that sounds as cool to you as it does to me, you can currently download takt op. Symphony for free at either of the links below this article!

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