Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is getting an iOS release

Let’s get ready to rumblleee

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is getting an iOS release
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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is heading to iOS later this month, after the game garnered a successful following in Steam Early Access and on Android. The game’s fast-paced 3 to 5 minute battles seem like the perfect fit for mobile.

Players face off on a hex grid battlefield, plotting their team of monsters out on the battlefield in the formation of your choosing. Once the fighting begins, you’ll have to anticipate your opponent's every move, employing some serious strategy and making good use of your monsters’ hard-earned skills.

The game shines in its cartoonish representation of monsters from mythology and pop culture. You can collect Griffins and Medusas, but you also might come across the Mummy and Franky the Frankenstein. Monsters aside, there’s also bountiful gold, gems, and medals to collect as well.

We’re happy to see a new CCG on iOS that’s not restricted to the familiar lane gameplay. Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena might not knock your socks off with innovation, but it’s got plenty of polish and nice little bits and bobs including a pretty sturdy PvE campaign should you need a breather from multiplayer competition.

You’ll be able to play Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena on iOS come January 25. You can pre-order on iTunes right now for an exclusive Promo Pack when the game launches. Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena