T3 Arena's September update introduces new mythic hero, highly awaited career overview features, and new skins

T3 Arena's September update introduces new mythic hero, highly awaited career overview features, and new skins
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XD Inc has released a new monthly update for its fast-paced mobile action game T3 Arena. In this September update, which is technically a mid-season update because S2 Lights On is still ongoing and will run until October, players can find a new Mythic hero, some other skins, new features and the usual bug fixes and QoL improvements.

Let’s get right into this new hero. Fort is a Mythic tank/control hybrid character. He leads the Research Department at Eureka Motors, giving him access to the most advanced mecha technology that exists. Using this, he created some super powerful weapons for himself alongside extremely durable armour.

He attacks enemies with his Antimatter Missile which can fire four shots that stick to the opponent and explode in a few seconds. His active skill creates an Antimatter Barrier giving him a shield that is tough to crack while his Ultimate move, Gravity Swirl, where he uses a gadget to create a gravitational vortex and suck everything into it. Fort definitely ups the ante for aggressive gameplay.

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A cool new and much-requested feature is also being added to T3 Arena with this update. The MVP system is finally here. Now, after every match, an MVP will be selected from the winning team and an SVP from the losing. Don’t think that this stat is a one-and-done and won’t matter after the match, though.

The update expands on the player's career overview. The MVP will be compared against an entire server, players will also be able to see their k/d, average damage, average KOs, wins, medals, and lots of more stats. If the stats page looks good, it's free bragging rights with proof from now onwards.

Furthermore, the new skins coming to T3 Arena include the Void Warlord for Hunter, Pirate Queen for Cristina, Dragon Breath for Aleta, and Illusory Kitsune for Ruby as well. They will come alongside player cards to allow for maximum customization.

XD Inc has also spoken about some changes coming with the next update, which can be seen in the video above.

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