Suspects: Mystery Mansion release date and the rest you need to know

All the info so far on Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Suspects: Mystery Mansion release date and the rest you need to know

Following the love that Among Us received during the lockdown last year, it was inevitable that other games were going to draw inspiration from it. Suspects: Mystery Mansion from Wildlife Studios is one such game, swapping astronauts for cute woodland critters.

Despite an instantly familiar premise, you've likely found yourself on the hunt for different titbits of information about Suspects: Mystery Mansion if you've landed on this page. Whether that's the latest on the release date so you know when you'll be able to play it or how the free-to-play model is likely to work. Here's everything we know about Suspects: Mystery Mansion.

What is Suspects: Mystery Mansion?

Much like Among Us, Suspects: Mystery Mansion draws influence from social deduction games such as Mafia and Werewolf. It puts you alongside 9 other players who are tasked with solving a recent murder. The catch is, there will be killers amongst the group, looking to put a stop to the investigation by taking out the other players one by one.

The game is split into a series of rounds, during which the investigators will look to carry out various tasks whilst the killers look to murder folks without being spotted. In between rounds, those who are still alive will have to discuss who could possibly have committed these heinous crimes.

You'll be able to chat with one another using the voice chat feature where it'll be important to ask useful questions like where was the body found or which tasks did the other plays do? From there you'll need to use your social deduction prowess to determine who's acting the most sus before voting on who should be eliminated.

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How much like Among us is Suspects: Mystery Mansion?

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is undoubtedly inspired by Among Us, given the surge in popularity that game received last year, particularly for streamers on Twitch. However, both games actually draw heavily from Mafia or Werewolf, a social deduction game that was created by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986. But whilst we're still in the midst of a global pandemic, these games act as a great way to recreate this genre in a digital setting.

Functionally, Suspects: Mystery Mansion is very similar to Among Us then but stylistically it's likely to have a different appeal. Among Us makes use of a sci-fi setting with faceless astronauts acting as player's avatars as they deduce who the killers are on a cold-looking spaceship. Suspects: Mystery Mansion, meanwhile, sees a bunch of cute animals wandering about what appears to be a haunted mansion. Of course, both games also have additional maps too, with Suspects promising frequent content after it launches.

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What is the official Suspects: Mystery Mansion release date?

At the moment, Suspects: Mystery Mansion release date is currently not set and the game is unavailable globally. However, there are certain regions around the world where players can dive in right now. This includes all Latin America countries except for Mexico Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Turkey. Meanwhile, Android users can pre-register their interest in the game on Google Play or even on Steam if you're a PC gamer.

However, whilst there's no release date set in stone, a recent post on Suspects: Mystery Mansion's Facebook page states the game will be launching globally in March, though no specific date has been given. However, since we're already in the latter stages of the month, we can either expect to find out the release date or an update regarding whether or not the game's global launch will get delayed soon

How to download and install Suspects: Mystery Mansion APK?

If you're eager to see what Suspects: Mystery Mansion has to offer compared to other social deduction games, you might be interested in finding an APK. Since the game is already available in several locations, you should have no worries about joining a game, even if you don't have 9 other friends to play with.

A Suspects: Mystery Mansion APK can currently be found over on APKpure, which is reportedly version 0.7.0 of the game. Naturally, you'd be downloading this file to your device at your own risk, so a cursory glance over the user reviews would certainly be wise before installing it on your phone or tablet.

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Will Suspects: Mystery Mansion be free-to-play?

It probably won't surprise you to learn that Suspects: Mystery Mansion will be a free-to-play game. Since the niche the game will try to occupy includes Among Us, another game that can be enjoyed for free, it was always going to be the approach Wildlife Studios adopted.

So where will the developers be making their money? Well, if you take a look at the App Store you'll see that the in-app purchases are differing amounts of Gems. Much like other games within the genre, this will likely allow you to purchases different outfits and accessories for your characters, though this will only be cosmetic and have no effect on the gameplay itself. Hopefully, we will get our hands on it soon, or at least an official release date for Suspects: Mystery Mansion!