Surviving High School ’11 heading to mobile after the summer break

Bringing five new stories, is more emotional, and will wear a skirt to the first day back

Surviving High School ’11 heading to mobile after the summer break

The next iteration of the highly-successful Surviving High School series is due to be unleashed upon unsuspecting mobile pupils later this summer, bringing a subtle redesign to the underlying themes in the game, as well as a gamut of new features and mini-games.

Having had a quick hands on with the title at EA HQ in London, I can say that it’s still got that familiar SHS feel – well-written characters, plenty of branching dialogue choices – but the graphics have been refined to be more naturalistic, with a far greater range of emotions for the people you encounter.

The five storylines are designed to be around 45 minutes in length each, with up to three possible endings to encourage repeat plays, and a few special appearances from fan favourites from the series.

These storylines vary between trying to reunite different social cliques for the ‘best party ever’ as a not-so popular boy, and, for the first time, playing as the female of the species in the self-explanatory ‘New Girl’ story.

The writing team has spent time holed up in the ‘war room’ to try and make the story a little less ‘American’ due to the success internationally of the previous title.

Don’t worry, though - you’re still in an American High School and talking about something called a GPA.

Surviving High School ’11 will be out on mobiles before the end of the summer.