Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tips, cheats - Hero move breakdown and strategies

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tips, cheats - Hero move breakdown and strategies

Beat the competition with these Hero tips and strats

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has once again released another character. You've likely already seen Sakurai's video explaining the character, but now it's time to go hands-on yourself, and we've got the strategies you need to take down your opponents.

Below you'll find the attack breakdown you want, in addition to some strategies you can use to improve your Smash game and beat people as Hero - or beat those playing as Hero, if you prefer. All of the answers you need are below…

Special attack strategies
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The craziest thing about Hero is that he has an absurd number of special attacks at his disposal. His down special actually opens up a small menu selection, and you get four randomly picked attacks to choose from, though of course, you will need enough MP to use them.

Many of the attacks are pretty typical. Flame Slash, Karackle Slash, Heal, Bounce - all of these are easily explained just from the name. A fire slash, an ice slash, a mild heal, a reflect, all pretty standard Smash Bros. fare.

Things get interesting with some of his other moves, though.

The most interesting has to be Kamikaze. This move will instantly cause a self-destruct, removing a stock from your character, but is pretty much guaranteed to eliminate enemies. If you're playing with players locally, you will at least get to look at their menu before these special attacks come out.

Though you should also be aware of Magic Burst, which burns through all of Hero's remaining MP to deal massive damage. This can be a particularly devastating move, one which you should be cautious when using.

The drawback to these moves, other than being limited by your MP, is how difficult they are to pull out in battle, as if an opponent is hounding you, you likely won't have the time to pull them out. Once selected the moves happen fast, but you need to get good at navigating that menu as fast as possible.

Hero isn't really remarkable in any other ways. He has strong tilts and smash attacks, sure, but nothing too crazy. The MP meter and his down special attack menu are by far his most interesting attributes, and mastering both of these is the key to taking down opponents with Hero.

When you first spawn into a battle with a fresh stock, feel free to abuse your refilled MP gauge and use these moves. Conversely, if you're fighting Hero, try not to give him a chance to pull his attacks out by hounding them with fast and ranged attacks.

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Normals, tilts

Hero's normals are strong, and often have multiple attacks. The forward tilt starts off with a nice projectile-blocking shield bash, and a second tap of the button will launch a sword attack.

Up tilt is very strong with a wide hitbox, and can kill at high percents. Down tilt is a bit more limited and doesn't have great range, but comes out fast. The jab has three swords slashes, and does a decent job.

All around, the normals and tilts are what you would expect from a Super Smash Bros. sword fighter.


We've already spoke about his down special menu, so let's skip over that. What's interesting about his neutral, side, and up special is that they all charge.

His side special is an electric slash, which has a far bigger range, and is far more deadly, when charged up. His neutral fireball acts much the same, as is similar to Robin's ranged attack.

His up special reminds me of Diddy Kong's but with less mobility. Charging it will allow you to recover from very low, though you'll need to be wary not to overcharge and self destruct.

Aerial game

Hero's aerial attacks are actually not that great? He has a down air spike, which is always nice, but his other aerial moves are just not that interesting. I guess he needed some kind of down side.

A standard, ineffective up air, a slow back air, and a middling forward air are all fine, but none are particularly useful of interesting. It's clear that Hero is meant as more of a grounded character.

This means that popping an enemy Hero character in to the air might make for an easier fight, should you go against him.

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