Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tips, cheats - Banjo & Kazooie moves and strategies

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tips, cheats - Banjo & Kazooie moves and strategies

Play Banjo & Kazooie like a pro

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Sakurai has risen once again and blessed us on this joyous day where Banjo and his pal Kazooie return to a Nintendo console in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We have been looked upon by Daddy Sakurai himself, and it is good.

Banjo & Kazooie are finally available to play in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and wouldn't you know it, they're pretty darn good. With a decent recovery, neutral game, and a lot of options, they can be pretty terrifying in a competitive environment. And with these tips, you'll be ready to go to battle.

Stay mobile, play a strong neutral game, watch your number of gold feathers, and get ready to let eggs fly. Read on for everything you need to get ready to play Banjo & Kazooie.

How to win as Banjo & Kazooie

We will go into our move breakdown in the list below, but for now, let's focus on what Banjo & Kazooie excel at, and that's a neutral game. The neutral B egg special isn't actually very effective, being about as good as Mega Man's blaster, perhaps even less so. His down special grenade egg is excellent, however.

Whether letting it roll along the stage or picking it up and throwing it, it is incredibly useful to create openings and set up combos. The grenade egg should be one of your primary spacing tools.

Now, throws aren't good kill moves, so you should rely on your smash attacks. Down smash is close-range, but fast and effective, and can even be combo'd into from down air at certain %s. Up smash is another good option, and can even reach ledges in Battlefield-type stages, though can be escaped from if they don't get caught in your main flurry of hitboxes.

Since Banjo & Kazooie have an additional aerial jump, rapid uses of up air attacks are very viable to juggle, and with a fully charged up B and a side B special, B&K can escape from awkward recovery situations.

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Aerials and normals

The most useful aerial attack in the neutral air, which mimics Piranha Plant's move. Back air also comes out fast, and has a multi-hit. Forward air is decent, but has long end lag, making using offstage not always advisable. Down air meanwhile will certainly kill you offstage, since it is a downward plunge.

Banjo's normals aren't amazing either. Up tilt has very small hitboxes, side tilt is pretty standard, and the jab attack is similar to many other characters. His down tilt, though, has some amazing range, as Banjo uses Kazooie to poke at enemies, even pushing the pair forward slightly.

We've already gone over smash attacks, but just to bring that point home: they're all genuinely good moves, if a little short range. Great to kill an opponent, and perhaps the only real option.

Special attacks

Banjo & Kazooie's special attacks are incredibly useful, and their best asset by far. We've already mentioned the usefulness of the grenade egg, and the relative uselessness of the normal egg, but the other two special are just as great.

B&K's side special uses one of five invulnerability feathers they start a stock with, and will armour through enemy attacks, and even works as a good kill move. Heck, it can even be used to assist with recoveries. Though watch how many feathers you have before trying to recover with it.

The up special is great, again because of recovery potential when mixed with B&K's two aerial jumps, but that's not all. Since B&K can act out of up special, you can up special on stage to catch up with an aerial character, then use jumps and attacks to juggle. When used in the air, the jump pad platform also becomes an item with a big hitbox as it drops.

Getting a kill

Finally, it's time to get a kill, and yes, the main way will be through smash attacks.

The fact is, B&K's throws aren't particularly impressive, and even a grenade egg won't work that well. As such, you must space out your enemy and get that smash attack in when possible.

You can also use off-stage shenanigans, which is where the side B comes in particularly useful, but even with two aerial jumps, it's a risky game.

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