Super Nano Jumpers review - A decent enough hardcore platformer
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Super Nano Jumpers is the sort of game you can pretty much figure out from its title. It's about a little man with excellent jumping skills running around doing jumps.

And it's got simple controls, bite-sized levels, and a pretty steep difficulty curve. It's a game that isn't afraid to kick dirt in your eyes after it's tripped you up.

It won't be to everyone's taste, but if you're after a new hardcore platformer to while away a couple of hours with, you could do an awful lot worse.

Leap yeah

Your run forward automatically, and you've got two buttons at your disposal. Tap the left of the screen and you'll stop. Tap the right of the screen and you'll jump in the air.

Using just these two skills you need to thread your way through a series of challenges, avoiding the spikes and traps the game chucks at you.

You can combine your jumps and stops too. Pressing on the left of the screen when you're in midair will send you shooting straight down to the ground.

It's a skill you're going to need to master as you get deeper and deeper into Super Nano Runners. The levels all take place on a single screen, so you can see what you're up against straight away.

There are usually two sections to a challenge, and when you die you're dropped back to the start of the screen you messed up on.

You've got the usual star-rating system here as well, although it's a little more complex. But if you're the sort who likes to go back through levels to beat your score there's a lot to do here.

The game isn't without its problems. When you're playing on an iPhone sometimes your fingers will get in the way of the action at the most inopportune moments.

And while it's chasing a retro aesthetic, it's by no means the most visually inspiring game you're going to set eyes on this week.


Still, there's enough going on with Super Nano Jumpers that you can look past its failings. It's tough in just about the right way, and hardcore platforming fans will lap it up.

This definitely isn't one for more casual gamers though, and if you're taking your first steps into the world of tough jumpers there are better places to start.

Super Nano Jumpers review - A decent enough hardcore platformer

It's not the freshest game out there, but there's enough in Super Nano Jumpers to keep you entertained
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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